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Van Zandt’s Funky Super Bowl Commercial

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HEB is the largest Grocery Store chain in the 2nd largest state in America, Texas. While at The Richard’s Group, Van Zandt had the opportunity to write HEB’s 2007 Super Bowl Commercial with 3-time Super Bowl Champion and NFL all-time rushing leader, Emmitt Smith. Emmitt had just won “Dancing With The Stars” so we, of course, had him go Disco Grocery Shopping. Yes, Van Zandt got to write the 1 and only Disco Grocery Shopping Song.

Being that Emmitt Smith is a deity in Texas, we could have had him read the phone book and it would have been a hit. None-the-less this was far more entertaining. In fact, so much so, our commercial inspired this…


Here are some of the other fun retail TV Commercials Van Zandt wrote for HEB with the San Antonio Spurs, and 1 Thanksgiving fave.