Jeff Van Zandt is a passionate writer and leader with international and stateside experience who loves generating big ideas and is prolifically creative in all mediums.

Van Zandt has lived in 19 US States, 7 Countries, and has ideated, directed, and produced digital, film, guerilla, print, radio and TV content for just about everyone on Earth, and perhaps beyond.

Van Zandt has worked for a handful of great Ad Agencies over the years including his own, and his clientele has run the gamut from SmartCar to Coca-Cola to The Discovery Channel to Geico.

Van Zandt is a scrappy Creative – going hard after assignments and briefs – turning them into great opportunities.

While Van Zandt was writing on Nike in South Africa, he had the pleasure of following in his father’s FBI Hostage Negotiator footsteps, when he talked an Art Director into giving up a .38 he pulled on an Intern at an Agency party. (Art Directors = Danger) Van Zandt’s not afraid of danger though, because not only has he survived hiring a guide on the Zimbabwean black market to go whitewater rafting on the Zambezi River through 15 foot waves during high water season in Zambia, he’s also made it through being the late, great Michael Jackson’s bodyguard for a day at Disney World. (Van Zandt = Invincible)

Van Zandt’s work has been celebrated and won everything from “Honorable Mention” to several “Best of Show” wins at: Beverage Dynamic Awards, Clios, Creativity International Awards, IABC/PRSA, IAC, National Addys, New York Festivals, One Show, Tellys and several film festivals.

Van Zandt is a nice Human Being, and he would love to speak with you about collaborating to make greatness wherever on whatever!

Van Zandt specializes in creating digital, film, guerilla, print, radio and TV content that educates & entertains consumers in order to keep their attention long enough to market a product or service.