What’s so Civil about War?

Van Zandt was hired by a Coin & Collectibles Company to create a series of videos to sell Civil War Newspapers. We found a Civil War enthusiast who had shot this footage at several reenactments, Van Zandt wrote these scripts, and then we created these powerful videos.

Van Zandt grew up in the North in NY & NJ and then moved to Fredericksburg, VA when he was 12. All Van Zandt knew about the Civil War at the time was something about brothers not getting along. Apparently, there was more to it. In fact, in Fredericksburg, VA the Civil War was such a hot topic, that some folks Van Zandt went to High School with didn’t seem entirely aware that it had in fact ended. So Van Zandt learned a whole lot about US History very quickly to survive his migration from the North to the South.

Truthfully, the one thing Van Zandt took away from all of this was from the words of Abraham Lincoln ~
“If we do not study and embrace the events of our past, we are doomed to repeat them.”